Government pledges €2m for teachers’ salaries instead of €7m

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

“The agreement now is as follows: the prime minister said the government would find €2 million by 8 PM today,” Minister Pitrėnienė told journalists after the meeting.

Her earlier proposal was to use €7 million from the Reserve Fund or the government reserve.

Education workers’ unions have so far not commented on whether the sum would be enough to end the strike, expressing regret that teachers and students have become victims of political warfare.

If the government earmarks the additional €2 million euros, a total of €8 million would be made available to raise teachers’ wages in September. Another €6 million have been promised by the Ministry of Education and Science.

At the start of their strike last week, teachers demanded €18 million euros, but reduced their demands to about €12 million.

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