Darius Kuolys

Teachers should be thanked for striking now – Former Education Minister

Former Culture and Education Minister Darius Kuolys said that the teacher’s unions had decided to strike at the right time with elections on the horizon and that they should be thanked for putting education at the centre of the national political agenda. […]


PM rows back on ‘Russian influence’ comments as teachers unions call on him to name names

The Lithuanian Prime Minister has rowed back on comments linking the teacher unions’ strike to ‘Russian influences’ after union leaders called on the Prime Minister to put names to his allegations of Russian influence on the unions. […]


Teachers to go on with strike despite PM’s efforts

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius met with representatives of teachers‘ unions on Friday, urging them to postpone a planned strike for a few months. However, unions say they will go on with the plan to hold a strike on Monday. […]


Teachers call off strike after meeting prime minister

Lithuanian teachers‘ unions have called off a planned strike after a meeting with the prime minister on Thursday. […]