Half-empty rural schools won’t be closed – Lithuanian PM candidate

Going to the school
Vida Press

He said that the existing school financing model did not work, adding that transition to staff-based pa yment of teachers may be discussed along with the budget sector reform.

“If a school in a village is half-empty, we will search for ways of financing the half-empty school in the the village, we will not close the school,” said Skvernelis. In his words, earlier administration wanted to orchestrate the school financing, however, the system does not work for all of Lithuania.

Earlier on 17 November, President Dalia Grybauskaitė submitted Skvernelis as candidate for prime minister to the parliament. The candidate will now meet with political groups before the parliament next week votes on his designation. In Lithuania, the prime minister is appointed by the president.

The new government’s program envisages scrapping the current school financing model of student basket – it should be replaced by the model of class sets, with plans to improve the national assessment of student performance and focus on international criteria and methods.

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