How to wear cherry earrings

Earrings are small but essential for accentuating beauty. Earrings can be found in different styles. These include hooks, drops, and studs. Common earrings among both genders are studs. Hooks and drops, however, are mainly known to be part of a lady’s jewelry collection. Over the years, these earrings styles have changed as better, more detailed and sophisticated pieces have come into the market. Cherry earrings are among these pieces. In the 1990s, cherry earrings were popular with women. Their striking colors and inviting feeling was appealing to many fashion lovers. However, in the last two decades, other trends have overtaken the fruit-like jewelry. Still, in the past two years, cherry earrings have made a huge comeback. If you are interested in this type of earrings, you should also learn how to wear them.

Cherry earrings come in different styles. There are dangles, polymer clay, pom poms, aesthetic, realistic, and studs. These different styles provide one with options when it comes to pairing with clothing and other jewelry. Pom poms and polymer clays are normally colorful and striking. It, therefore, becomes easy to match these styles of cherry earrings with other jewelry and clothes. For other jewelry, choose something that is of a similar color or shade. Also, to avoid overdoing it, make your additional jewelry simple. For the clothes, you can also choose to wear something of a similar color or something plain. This helps to highlight the earrings. Dangles are also easy because they resemble drop earrings. Dangles can be matched with official attire or casual clothes. When in official attire, go for the pantsuits. These go well with lengthy earrings. When wearing casual clothes, you can choose to pair your cherry dangles with a simple dress or pair of jeans.

Aesthetic and realistic cherry earrings are a little bit more sophisticated. They require a unique fashion style and makeup to go along. For instance, the color of a realistic pair of cherry earrings should be well-matched with similar lipstick color. Therefore, if you do not have that color in your lipstick collection, consider buying it. The fact that you have to buy certain lipstick colors also makes aesthetic and realistic cherry earrings harder to match up. Most people find that certain lipstick colors do not suit their skin tone. Thus, before you buy these types of cherry earrings, you also need to consider the skin tone factor. Aside from this, pairing them with clothes and additional jewelry should be easy. Realistic earrings should be matched with clothes of a similar shade or darker. Aesthetic earrings on the other hand are mainly suitable for official clothing. Thus, plain clothing should do just fine. For complementary jewelry, these two styles go well with simple but sophisticated jewels.

Studs are the most sophisticated but also the simplest to wear. In the cherry design, studs are also few. Yet, with this style of cherry earrings, you do not have to consider your skin tone or lipstick color too much. This is only in the case where the studs have a striking color. However, this is not often the case as cherry studs are also made to look simple. Hence, you can wear them with almost anything. Unlike sophisticated and valuable studs, cherry studs can be worn in the office or casually. In the office, you can wear them with modest clothing and they still won’t be too much. When going out with your friends or relaxing on a picnic, they are simple enough for the occasion. There are more styles of cherry earrings that one can get. You can visit for a better look at these styles.

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