Human rights advocates urge Lithuanian prosecutors to request full US Senate report on CIA prisons

US Capitol

Expert of the Human Rights Monitoring Institute, Meta Adutavičiūtė, said the US Senate report fuels the suspicions of interrogation of Saudi Arabian citizen Mustafa al-Hawsawi in a secret centre outside Vilnius.

“The information is sufficient for the prosecutor investigating the case to turn to US institutions and request the report in full,” Adutavičiūtė told BNS on Wednesday.

In her words, the Lithuanian parliament’s investigation and the US Senate report lead to a presumption that Lithuania could have hosted the centre which the US report specified as “violet”.

“We see from the report that al-Hawsawi could have been held at the purple detention centre and was moved from there due to major health problems and because he was not provided the necessary medical care there,” she added.

The “detention site violet” and the refusal to provide medical assistance to al-Hawsawi are described on pages 98, 99 and 154 of the US Senate report summary.

According to the report, the site violet was closed in 2006.

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