International seminars on religion and citizenship

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

These seminars are designed as an interdisciplinary platform for sociologists of religion, legal scholars focused on religious freedoms, sociologists, theologians, philosophers of religion, and political philosophers who are interested in discussing the multidimensional role and place of religion for citizens, diverse civil institutions, and the state in Central and East European societies.

The series will consider historical, socio-cultural, theological, philosophical, and existential matters that influence the behavior of individual citizens as well as the preconditions for personal and institutional religious activity in a variety of public spheres.

These seminars will provide students, academics, public officials, and representatives from religious institutions a forum to explore these issues freely, openly, and critically, all within the bounds of charity and respect for all persons.

Seminars will be twice a month beginning in March 2015, each consisting of a 30-minute lecture, a 15-minute response to the primary lecture, and 40 minutes of open discussion. The seminars will be held in English at various local venues.

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