Is it possible to come to COVID-19 mobile testing point by taxi?

At a mobile COVID-19 testing point in Vilnius. @ Žygimantas Gedvila

The Lithuanian Ministry of Health does not prohibit residents from driving to take a coronavirus test by taxi. However, the Bolt company, which offers a shuttle service, warns that drivers have the right to choose and recommends informing in advance about the purpose of the trip.

According to Bolt’s Lithuanian representative Andrius Pacevičius, drivers themselves decide whether they agree to take on such a client, so it is important to remember the recommendations. “To ensure safety, we ask passengers, who cannot get to the mobile testing point in their own or a municipal car, to report this when calling the driver through the Bolt platform, select the Protect category – then a car will arrive with a partition between the driver and passenger. Please also inform the driver in advance that you are going to the mobile point. The driver must be notified of this in advance,” said Pacevičius.


He said that drivers are familiar with the safety rules, and passengers who go to the mobile point are advised to sit in the back seat

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