Kaunas city and Jewish organization sign deal on cemetery upkeep

“Kaunas City Municipality has taken a historic country-scale step. We are glad that the city itself is starting to tend to Jewish cemeteries. I am convinced that this step will be appreciated not only by the Lithuanian but also foreign community,” Sergey Kanovich, a Maceva co-founder, said.

Maceva, a non-governmental non-rpofit organization, is a small group of dedicated individuals involved in maintaining and documenting the remaining Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania. It has already documented over 50 Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania.

Last month, the Kaunas authorities decided to start gradual maintenance of the Old Jewish Cemetery near Radvilėnai road.

The city plans to tend to the cemetery in several stages and allocate EUR 8,000 for the inventory and identification of graves.

The Jewish cemetery in Žaliakalnis was opened in 1861 and closed in 1952. It is listed as a protected heritage site.

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