Kirkilas congratulates Schulz with re-election as EP President

Martin Schulz

The European Union (EU) has been increasingly relying on right-wing policy-making for decades, especially after the recent global economic and financial crisis. Unfortunately, this policy is not socially sensitive and usually affects those who are most socially vulnerable. This is why now EU policies demonstrate a lack of values such as social justice, social equality, solidarity and lack practical priorities of combating poverty and social exclusion.

Therefore, I consider your re-election to the post of the President of the European Parliament to be a good sign. It marks the upcoming shift in the EU institutions towards the said priorities and values that have informed the establishment of the European Union in the first place. I am confident that under your continued leadership the European Parliament will enhance parliamentary powers and strengthen democratic values in overall EU governance. This will hopefully restore the balance of political powers in Europe in favour of the left-wing parties.


This year, the Party of European Socialists carried out the European Parliament election campaign entitled Knock the Vote across Europe from Vilnius to Lisbon, and was nailbitingly close to winning the elections. Even so, our party has remained true to its values and principles and staunchly adhered to the pre-election agreement with other European parties that the European Commission should be led by the political force with most seats in the EP after the elections. I am convinced that you are better positioned than any other politician of the European Union to effectively cooperate for the benefit of the leftist values in the European Union with the Jean-Claude Juncker, the European People’s Party member, nominated by the European Council as new President of the European Commission. The vote on him in the European Parliament is scheduled for 14 July 2014.

I also extend my sincere congratulations to you personally, dear Martin, on this important success in your professional career and on your personal achievement. I have no doubt that the European Parliament under your leadership will be run by progressive forces that favour a more democratic governance of the EU, effective implementation of human rights, and further European integration and enlargement.


I also firmly believe that as a politician criticizing the elitist aspects of EU policy, you will put every effort to ensure that EU governance is more inclusive. This will make citizens more apt to invest in the EU, knowing that Europe is investing in them.

I convey to you my sincere wishes of every bit of personal strength, intelligence and wisdom. I continue to believe that Europe will become more leftist than it is today in less than five years into the term of office of the current legislature of the European Parliament. This is why we must begin preparations for the new European elections in 2019 as early as today, in order to convince people that left-wing policy is better for them and for the future of Europe as a whole.

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