Labour relations and skills shortages ‘main obstacles to economic growth’

DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

Inflexible labour relations and the absence of any immigration policy are the major obstacles to Lithuania’s economic growth, the country’s biggest employer association believes.

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists has drafted a report on business environment and regulation that it will present to the country’s government.

In the report, the association urges the country to adopt the Labour Code reforms that are currently making their way through the Lithuanian parliament.

Hurdles to employing people from non-EU countries is a problem, the organization says, especially as the country suffers shortages of local specialists.

The Confederation of Industrialists urges the government to ease the procedures for issuing residency permits to foreigners.

Cooperation between education institutions and businesses is another key area for making Lithuania’s economy more competitive, the association believes, adding that the country’s universities should increase enrollment in engineering and science programmes.

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