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Why is there going to be a future increase in Lithuanians returning from abroad?

During the month of June 2020, there were 2,153 people more returning to Lithuania than leaving. It became a record since the restoration of independence, however, it is believed that the record will not stand […]


Returning emigrants purchase real estate in Lithuania – many buy from personal savings

Lithuanians living in emigration are increasingly buying homes in their homeland not from borrowed money, but from what they earned and saved. The earlier fear of real estate brokers, of emigrants rather investing in homes […]

Svetlana Naumcik from iLaw

Refusals in extension of a residence permit in Lithuania. Causes and consequences.

Since 2017, amendments to the law of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Legal Status of Aliens” have come into force. Despite the fact that new immigration rules have established preferential terms for technological start-ups that are at an early stage of their development with a scalable and innovative product or business model, now it is more difficult to obtain a residence permit based on legal activity in Lithuania than before. […]

At the migration department

Immigration up in Lithuania in summer, emigration slightly down

The number of people coming to live to Lithuania went up this summer, while emigration numbers slightly declined, however, the number of emigrants still remains above that of immigrants, Statistics Lithuania said on Monday. […]


Lithuania’s emigration crisis continues to worsen

Lithuanian institutions’ anti-emigration policies have had little effect – statistics indicate that last year, more people left Lithuania than during the year before.

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