Landsbergis hinting about renegades in the party and minister posts

Gabrielius Landsbergis
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

The Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrat (TS-LKD) Chairman Gabrielius Landsbergis has hinted on social media that there may be renegades in the party who could be tempted by ministerial positions offered by the Peasant and Greens Union (LVŽS) leader Ramūnas Karbauskis.
“It is not the first, nor the last test for our community. This time it is a test by Karbauskis. Can we really say that there will be no renegades? No, we cannot say that today. There is talk of minister posts being offered,” wrote G. Landsbergis.

“I understand that this may be tempting, some may come to believe that Karbauskis will allow work to be done. Well, the community will not keep the door shut. If the posts, authority with no principles and at any cost is most important and not work and true values, then perhaps your path is not with us,” continued the chairman.

When asked how widespread such talks are in the party, Landsbergis responded to Delfi that it isn’t necessarily internal discussion within the party.

“Is the party being split? I believe it is more of a concern for R. Karbauskis than anyone else. I think that he is concerned because of the Social Democrats, regardless of how little weight the Social Democrats have in the new coalition. He fears he may be cheated. And he needs some sort of cover, some statement that someone will aid him in tough times. All the claims that he fears nothing that primarily shows that there is a great deal of concern after all. This is an effort to seek support everywhere it is available, including among the colleagues of our fraction,” said the Conservative leader.

Unofficially, politicians mention the names of Audronius Ažubalis and Vytautas Juozapaitis as potential marks, something denied by Juozapaitis. “Don’t count on it,” he says.

“We are the only party in Lithuania that acts on responsibility for the future of the state and not the principle of satisfying personal political ambitions. Thus no self-respecting politician, who associates with the TS-LKD would give in to such a cheap provocation and I invite all of those doubting or involuntarily encouraging such a scenario to look at the situation from a historical perspective – this whole mess is not beneficial to our state, whose interests cannot be below party interests,” said V. Juozapaitis.

The politician was, however, surprised that party internal issues were exposed on social media.
A. Ažubalis suggested to pose the question on renegades to those who speak of it.

Representing the Christian Democrat wing of the TS-LKD, member of Seimas Paulius Saudargas suggests that he has not heard of anyone among the members of the TS-LKD being offered minister posts. He notes that he has personally never personally met R. Karbauskis, only having interacted with Rima Baškienė from the Peasant Greens. According to his knowledge, the Christian Democrats have no links to the Peasant Greens.

“The will of the Christian Democrat wing is not to split in any way, no posts could interest us. We are one party. If we enter any sort of coalition, then it will only be by the unified will of the party council and under its blessings,” said the politician. Regarding G. Landsbergis’ statements on social media, Saudargas noted that anyone can speak up if they have information and that he wasn’t sure if it was regarding the Christian Democrats in the party. The politician also reminded that it is Karbauskis himself who speaks of a split between the Conservatives and Christian Democrats, perhaps in the hopes of responding to earlier statements that a split is exactly possible among the ranks of the Peasant Greens.

Last week there was some tumult in the TS-LKD ranks with several presidium members wishing to discuss the potential for a coalition with the Peasant and Greens Union. Unofficially it was said that the party leadership is uninterested in such a coalition, however some lower rung party members saw an opportunity of working with the “Peasants.” The presidium was not gathered on Friday despite a number of its members gathering signatures in support for it.

“I believe that even a cow can recognise a reckless struggle for power,” summarised G. Landsbergis.

Cows are mentioned in this election in mockery of R. Karbauskis, who had a peculiar response to the changes between winter and summer time. He stated that people adapt to the changes, but it is harmful to animals. “A cow won’t understand why we’re changing the time,” R. Karbauskis told

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