Large companies in Baltics expect increase in turnover next year

DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

Latvia’s large enterprises are the most optimistic – 66 percent expect that their turnover will grow in the coming year, while 11 percent believe that their turnover will grow by more than 10 percent.

Estonia‘s large enterprises are more cautious in their forecasts – only 34 percent forecast an increase in turnover of up to 10 percent, while 11 percent expect a higher increase in their turnover.


Compared with March 2014, when 65 percent expected their turnover to grow, companies’ optimism has declined in all three Baltic States. The number of businessmen who were worried about a decline has practically remained the same. The number of businessmen who hope to maintain a stable turnover has increased.

“More than half of the large enterprises in the Baltic States are optimistic, which is a good thing as large enterprises are the ones that determine the general mood in their respective industries. However, we see that the large enterprises have become more cautious, which is also proven by the fact that the number of business owners who plan to increase their employees’ salaries has reduced from 33 percent in spring to 26 percent now,” board member at SEB banka Ints Krasts said.

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