Latvijas Tilti challenges Lithuanian court’s decision on Vilnius bypass tender

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The Court of Appeal on Friday rejected the companies’ complaint and gave a nod for the tender to continue, Ieva Vaišvilienė, an assistant to judge Rasa Gudžiūnienė, told BNS.

The court upheld the May 4 ruling of the Regional Court of Vilnius to the same effect.

Edvardas Varoneckas of the local authority of Vilnius told BNS that the decision delivered by the Court of Appeal had removed all obstacles for the tender.

CEO of Kauno Tiltai (Kaunas Bridges), the winner of the tender, told BNS that the litigation, which took several months, probably pushed the completion of the project into 2017.

“We’ve lost the best time for the start, we’ve lost one season, and that’s the fact. I think now the completion of the project has been pushed into 2017,” Aldas Rusevičius said.

Meanwhile, Gennady Kamkalov, Latvijas Tilti chairman, said that the complainants wanted the Supreme Court to ensure clarity that would be acceptable to all parties involved and to “put the lid on the matter”.

“The court’s decision will benefit all market players and the local authorities procuring such works. Finally, it will benefit the Lithuanian people as they will be certain that the taxes they pay are used transparently without overpaying for infrastructure,” he said.

Kauno Tiltai with partners has won the tender with a bid of 89.692 million euros.

The third and the last section of Vilnius western bypass will connect two highways connecting Vilnius with Kaunas and Panevėžys and will divert heavy traffic away from the capital.

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