Lech Wałęsa’s wife: I wish to see bilingual signs in Lithuania

Krystyna Janda and Danuta Walesa
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“I wish that Lithuania and Poland were like a brother and sister, or two brothers, or two sisters. So that Poles in Lithuania felt very good, and Poles and Lithuanians respected each other. So that one could find signs in Polish and Lithuanian in Lithuania, just like in a family,” Wałęsa told journalists in Vilnius on Tuesday.

It’s her fourth visit to Lithuania. She came to promote a play “Danuta W” based on her autobiography in which she tells about herself, her family and Poland’s tumultuous history over the past decades. She does not mention Lithuanian-Polish relations in her book, however.

The monoplay features famous Polish actor and director Krystyna Janda.

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