MPs turn to experts over name-spelling

Expert conclusions will be requested in connection to the legal amendments that would allow the original spelling of first and last names in ID documents of Lithuanian citizens. […]

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Listen to words of 8,000-year-old Indo-European language that sound surprisingly similar to Lithuanian

Linguists have recreated the sounds of the common Indo-European tongue spoken by the ancestors of most European nations 6,000 years ago. They sound surprisingly similar to modern Lithuanian.

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Lithuanian names, old and new, make a revival

For parents who wish to give their children original Lithuanian names, there is plenty to choose from. Not all Lithuanian-sounding names, however, have Baltic provenance or come from time immemorial, linguists say. […]

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St. Petersburg Lithuanians already preparing for 100th anniversary of Lithuanian state

The Consulate of Lithuania and the Lithuanian community in St. Petersburg are already preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian state, in 2018. […]