School books of the Lithuanian language

Academic explains why foreigners find it difficult to learn Lithuanian

Every speaker of Lithuanian has no doubt heard that Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages in the world. Prof. Dr. Olegas Poliakovas a well-known scholar of the Baltics understands this and explains why foreigners find it difficult to learn Lithuanian. […]

Lithuanian classes at Rukla Refugee Reception Centre

Refugees ‘learn Russian before they learn Lithuanian’ – minister scolds integration policies

Interior Minister Tomas Žilinskas has criticized Lithuania’s refugee integration policy, saying that newcomers in integration centres are placed in a social environment that is not conductive to successful integration.

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Lithuanians ‘most romantic nationality about Valentine’s Day’

One month after Valentine’s Day comes the news that Lithuanians were found to be the nationality that cared most about Valentine’s Day, based on an analysis of tweets in the run up to the day by a digital marketing agency. […]

Eskedar from Ethiopia

Immigrants to Lithuania happy to stay for long term

Many immigrants to Lithuania are happy with their lives here and are not planning to move back to their homelands. A number of immigrants shared their stories on LRT programme Ryto garsai (morning sounds). […]