Lithuanians ‘most romantic nationality about Valentine’s Day’

DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

UK-based agency Latitude analysed the tweets of five European nationalities in the lead up to the Valentine’s weekend and found that those who spoke the Lithuanian language had most interest in Valentine’s Day based on the number of searches carried out in the language.

“Lithuanians consistently searched more for all Valentine’s Day-related terms, suggesting they take the day very seriously. Overall, though, it was a fun project,” Rick Lamb, head of digital operations at Latitude, told The Drum.

However, once the day itself arrived other nationalities took over, with English, French and Spanish speakers making the most searches on Valentine’s Day related subjects.

Lithuanians also searched more for “love” in their online searches in the run-up to Valentine’s Day than any other nationality.

Latitude’s research on seven nationalities’ behaviour found that Danish-speakers searched most for ‘special offers’ and ‘Valentine’s discounts’, while German-speakers searched least for those terms. Italians showed little interest throughout coming at or near the bottom when it came to anything to do with Valentine’s Day.

According to the research, the French needed most help with finding an appropriate gift while the British seemed to plan the furthest ahead, with their searches peaking a weak before Valentine’s Day.

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