Turkey to translate Koran into Lithuanian

However, some Lithuanian Muslims were not satisfied with this translation. They argued that the poet’s translation, accidentally or unintentionally, contained a number of inaccuracies.

Yenisafak.com writes that the Directorate of Religious Affairs funded by the Turkish government will translate Koran into ten foreign languages – Ukrainian, Kyrgyz, Albanian, Portuguese, Bosnian, English, Bulgarian, Korean and Farsi and Lithuanian.

Maritana Larbi, lecturer at VU Centre of Oriental Studies, emphasised that the poet translated the Koran from the Russian language, using N.J.Kračkovskis‘s translation.

Larbi said that “It is hard to say whether the Turkish will translate it better. S.Geda‘s style is very beautiful, he has conveyed the literary spirit very well, and with Romas Jakubauskas‘s corrections, it is really a very good translation.”

After the death of Geda, his translation was improved by the Mufti of Lithuanian Muslims Romas Jakubauskas.


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