Lithuania bars entry to radioactive timber cargo from Belarus

In early hours of Friday, the DAF truck was subjected to examination, and its driver, 61-year-old Belarusian citizen, produced proper ID documents, the State Border Guard Service said.

While the truck was driving through the stationary radiation gate at the Medininkai checkpoint, an alarm went off to warn about the high radiation level. It indicated that the radiation of the wood sawdust briquettes was 0.35 microsieverts or 35 microroentgens, which is almost twice of the permitted 0.2 microsieverts or 20 microroentgens.


The border guards also established the source of the radiation – cesium-137, which is considered to be one of the most hazardous isotopes in environment. The cargo was sent by a Belarusian company to a Lithuanian company based in Kaunas district.

The incident was reported to specialists of the Radiation Safety Centre, and the border guards were soon informed that the vehicle could not cross the border. Consequently, the truck turned back to Belarus in early hours of Friday.

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