Lithuania court decides not to hear case on LGBT video ban

LGL reklama

The organization said in its complaint that TV channels refused to air its video on LGBT rights because of the Inspector’s conclusion. However, the court found the the conclusion was merely a recommendation and upheld the decision of the court of lower instance.

“The panel of judges states that the argued conclusion was a recommendation only and did not lead to legal consequences for the applicant, therefore, the finding of the court of lower instance that the act cannot be examined in an administrative court was correct,” the court said in its ruling.

In September, the inspector of journalist ethics signed a conclusion drawn up by four experts, stating that the video about LGBT people “has a detrimental effect on minors’ emotional, spiritual, mental development and health and proper formation of fundamental life values”.

According to the expert conclusion, the video “supports the idea of a family of same-sex persons” and “expresses a call to change attitude towards same-sex families”.

The LGL said that, based on the conclusion, TV3 channel decided to air the video only after 11 PM and marked with a sign indicating the material is not suitable for minors.

The conclusion was criticized by the Union of Lithuanian Psychologists, saying that the negative effects upon minors were caused by the ban itself, not information about LGBT people.

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