Lithuania expects no radical changes in UK’s Russia policies under Johnson

Boris Johnson

Linkevičius, who met Johnson during an EU Council meeting this week, says it makes sense that people who campaigned for the UK to leave the European Union should steer the country during the tough time when London will have to negotiate exit terms and arrange for the country’s post-EU future.

“I doubt if a new face in European politics can bring any essential changes,” Linkevičius said in an interview to the business daily Lietuvos Žinios.

He expects no radical changes in the UK’s foreign policies, especially towards Russia.

“The UK parliament remains the same, the governing majority remains the same. There’s a new government, but it has been formed by the same Conservative Party which has not made any statements about radical changes in policies towards Russia.

“As a matter of fact, former Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond remains in the new British government, as chancellor of the exchequer. So what could change in the UK’s Russian policies? I do not believe it could happen,” the Lithuanian foreign minister said.

Talking about his counterpart, Johnson, Linkevičius said that while the British politician has made “interesting statements” in the past, as a representative of the British government he will be forced to stick to the line.

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