Lithuania hopes to become partner country of Berlin’s Green Week in 2017

Žemės ūkio paroda Berlyne "Žalioji savaitė"
DELFI (E.Fuks) nuotr.

The delegation is headed by Lithuanian Agriculture Minister Virginija Baltraitienė who is going to discuss economic cooperation prospects with more than 10 delegations from different countries. She also said that Lithuania would try to become a country-partner of the Green Week 2017.

The minister claims that this year’s fair is particularly important to Lithuania’s dairy sector which was most of all affected by Russia’s food embargo launched in August 2014. Three major dairy companies of Lithuania – Pieno Zvaigzdes, Marijampoles Pieno Konservai and Zemaitijos Pienas – are taking part in the trade fair.

“Companies do show interest, especially those who are looking for these new markets. This concerns the dairy sector most of all because the meat industry normally has more markets available,” Baltraitienė said.

The Lithuanian delegation is planning meetings with delegations from Germany, Austria, Montenegro, Georgia and other countries.

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