Lithuania plans 6-fold expansion of electric car infrastructure next year

In 2017, Lithuania plans to build over 150 new charging stations in cities and over 30 near highways.

The investment, much of which will come from the European Union funds, is part of the Ministry of Communication‘s plan to cut environmental pollution by cars.

“This large-scale project of new charging stations was inspired by the growing popularity of electric cars and the need to reduce pollution. Our goal is to build an infrastructure comfortable for drivers who could recharge their electric cars in any part of Lithuania,” Deputy Minister of Communication Saulius Girdauskas said in a statement.

There are currently 23 electric car charging stations in Lithuania. Seven of them are in Kaunas, six in Vilnius and four in Klaipėda. Three charging stations are installed along highways.

According to the plan, 10 stations will be built on the Via Baltica highway that crosses Lithuania from Poland to Latvia, 10 more will be installed on the highway between Vilnius and Panevėžys and 11 between Vilnius and Klaipėda.

Over the recent years, electric car use has almost doubled in Lithuania. Electric cars are expected to make up one tenth of all new car purchases in the country by 2025.

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