Lithuania promotes itself as dental tourism destination in Scandinavia

Odontika has taken part in tourism shows across Sweden and Norway. Partially supported by the EU Business Export Promotion Program “Naujos galimybės”, administered by the Lietuvos Verslo Paramos Agentūra (LVPA).

Furthermore, Odontika’s representatives met with Lithuanian Commercial Attaché in the Kingdom of Sweden Audrius Masiulionis, and together with Enterprise Lithuania team, met with Lithuanian Commercial Attaché in Norway Aleksandras Laurinavičius. Both provided additional insight and support for developing links with businesses across Sweden and Norway.

The promotion opportunity created an ideal setting to meet with tourism related businesses and individuals. What was clear, high level of interest in Lithuania, and a pre-existing understanding that Lithuania represents a positive destination of choice for dental treatment. Most tour operators have an opinion that Lithuanian dentists are highly trained, the treatment and services is of a high quality, and the price is competitive comparing to other countries in the region.

The awareness of Lithuania went further. The understanding that Vilnius offers great variety as a city break destination was discussed in depth. In no small part this is helped by the airlines connecting Vilnius with more direct flights across Scandinavia than ever before. For many Scandinavian tourist agencies, one attractive opportunity is to combine 3-4 nights city break packages with spa and medical procedures. Where the cost saving of dental and medical procedures covers most if not all the cost of the trip, and for major treatments the savings can be as much as 50-70%.

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