Lithuania will not grow any GM crops

“We have always supported the prohibition to grow genetically modified crops for commercial purposes in our country. The Ministry of Environment will continue to make efforts that Lithuania’s biodiversity comes under no threat of any genetically modified crops,” said Environment Minister Kęstutis Trečiokas.

At the beginning of this year, the European Parliament gave more power to member-states to decide themselves whether to grow genetically modified crops or not.

Following the decision to ban the growing of GM crops in Lithuania’s territory, the Ministry of Environment will, via the European Commission, request a clarification of the geographical scope of the previous applications submitted to the Commission or permissions issued, so that the whole territory of Lithuania is excluded from the cultivation zone. The ban would not apply to applications for growing genetically modified crops for research purposes.

“According to information available to us, such requirements have already been presented by Latvia, Greece, and Austria,” said the minister.

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