Lithuanian airlines to provide all passenger data to police from January

At the Kaunas Airport
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

Lithuania will be among the first countries across Europe to start collecting and managing passenger data, the Lithuanian Police Department said in a press release.

Deputy Police Commissioner General Edvardas Šileris said the system would allow efficient and timely disclosure of plotted criminal deeds, as well as crimes in progress or already committed.

The collection of passenger information is envisaged in the Law on Basic Transport Operations, which envisages that airlines will have to automatically provide passenger details to an institution authorized by the police at least 48 hours prior to a flight. The information will have to be sent again immediately after boarding procedures.

In addition to first and last names, dates of birth, gender and citizenship, carriers will have to provide the unique entry code of passenger data, data of visa or other document facilitating the person’s presence in the country, his contact address, registration status, as well as all information about tickets, luggage, seat and type of payment (cash or card), sum and contact data of the individual who purchased the ticket. Airlines will also have to provide all flight-related information.

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