Lithuanian ambassador: Right Sector actions undermine Ukraine’s stability

Right Sector rally in Kiev

“We often see existence of forces in Ukraine that are interested in destabilizing the situation. On the other hand, we know that amidst economic downturn and many other internal and external problems, the society is growing increasingly radical. This leads to emergence of radical groups that make certain demands. We know that, unfortunately, the conflict in Ukraine has caused more weapons to appear on the illegal market. Consequently, some processes are dangerous. Such as the emergence of the Right Sector in western Ukraine that definitely does not help the more efficient and faster performance of the Ukrainian administration, it does not help the reforms process and overall stability in the country,” the Verslo Žinios daily cited Janukonis as saying.

Hundreds of Ukrainian far-right activists last week held a protest in Kiev against the government’s policies following the clash between radical nationalists and the police in western Ukraine that claimed human lives.

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