Lithuanian-Chinese logistics venture taking shape

A delegation of China Merchants Logistics executives were in Vilnius on August 24 to discuss partnership perspectives of the joint venture with Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways).

The project for the joint company, which will provide logistics services in Lithuania, Belarus and China, was approved in a meeting in Beijing on November 23, 2015.

The Managing Director for China Merchants Logistics Holding, Zhang Rui, highlighted the potential for such a project to not only operate in and around Belarus, but also in the whole Baltic Sea region as well as Scandinavia, while also praising the experience behind Lietuvos Geležinkeliai as well as the excellent rail infrastructure in Lithuania.

Established in 1872, China Merchants Logistics is the largest taxpayer in China with a total value reaching €745 billion. The Chinese state-owned corporation works in a number of sectors, ranging from shipping and banking, to real estate.

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