Lithuanian defense ministry’s new emergency survival guide now has colourful pictures

Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense survival guide illustrations

The shorter version, which was subtitled “a cheerful take on serious recommendations,” was announced on 18 December by the ministry. The new version, shorter than the original, features updates based on comments and suggestions received after the publication of the first booklet. The booklet focuses primarily on practical recommendations and information related directly to them.

300,000 copies of the pocket-sized booklet will be distributed at recruitment and conscription centres throughout Lithuania, as well as at events hosted by the Ministry of National Defence.

Several copies of the publication will be given to mobilisation officers throughout Lithuania’s city councils, public education and vocational training institutions, public libraries and libraries of higher education institutions and universities of applied sciences.

The initial book was published in the wake of Russian aggression in Ukraine and Crimea. “The examples of Georgia and Ukraine, which both lost a part of their territory, show us that we cannot rule out a similar kind of situation here, and that we should be ready,” Defence Minister Juozas Olekas said when that booklet was released almost a year ago.

You can download a PDF of the booklet from the ministry’s website by clicking here.

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