Lithuanian hand-made candles a hit in London and Los Angeles

 „Smells Like Spells“ candles
Asmeninio albumo nuotr.

“Our products are made from natural raw materials: candles – from soy wax, wicks from linen, cotton, paper, wood, home scents from essential and fragrant oils and incense from a variety of plants and herbs. We add simple descriptions of rituals customized for each product for those who believe in magic,” said Malinauskas.

Handmade Lithuanian candles and home fragrances can already be purchased in Los Angeles and London, in boutiques in Latvia and Germany.

Malinauskas says that expansion abroad has been done in several different ways. For example, Lithuanian candles and home scents found their way into Latvian boutiques with the help of intermediaries that the two men met at a design exhibition.

“The Germans and Americans have found us themselves. <…> Several foreign online sellers have selected our packaging design as the best one and soon after that we received letters from our current foreign partners,” said Malinauskas.

After long negotiations, the retail chain Bodhi Tree has acquired exclusive rights to sell Lithuanian candles and other scents throughout California. Owners of ME Code boutique in Mannheim, Germany, have ordered Lithuanian candles and scents even without asking for pre-production samples.


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