Lithuanian-made fish finder gadget and app sold at Apple stores

Išmanusis sonaras "Deeper"
Gamintojo nuotr.

Deeper, developed by a Lithuanian team, is a small, ball-like gadget that can be immersed into water and then transmit data – like water depth, temperature, fish and best fishing time – to a user’s smart device.

“You do not have to be a professional fisherman or an IT geek, anyone can use this sonar,” says Rolandas Sereika, Deeper chief marketing officer. “Our goal was to make fish finding technology convenient, easy, and affordable. We studied fish finding technology used on large boats and saw a need for a small device that could be used for fishing off a dock, in a kayak, or anywhere else”, reports.

The gadget is also useful for activities other than fishing, where measuring accurate water depth and temperature is important. Scuba divers can use it for safe immersion, and parents to make sure their kids are safe and comfortable swimming in a pond or a pool.

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