Lithuanian military allowed to shoot down unwanted drones

Camera on a drone
DELFI / Robertas Narmontas

Lietuvos Žinios daily said Defense minister Raimundas Karoblis had authorized the country’s chief of defense to work out and approve rules of combat action, which would establish circumstances and conditions for using military force against drones.

The radical measures against drones will be allowed in case of them flying above military territories where such flights are restricted, as well as when such drones fly outside military territories during transport of important military properties and such flights threaten operations and safety of the country’s defense institutions.

Lithuanian security experts have repeatedly warned that unmanned flying devices had in the past few years become a popular tool of special services of some neighboring countries, which allow collecting large amounts of intelligence information about border objects. Drones are not recorded by any radars, as they are too small to reflect radar beams.

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