State Security Department

Security body fires intelligence officer over conflict of interest

The Lithuanian State Security Department (VSD) said on Friday that it has fired Tomas Jakučionis, an intelligence officer, over a conflict of interest. […]

Islamist radical

Intelligence bars relocation of 9 refugees amid security threat

Lithuania’s intelligence agencies have barred relocation of nine refugees under the European Union (EU) program after establishing that their presence in the country would jeopardize national security, the State Security Department said. […]

Soldiers beds

Psychological support must be available to Lithuanian military personnel – MP

Timely psychological support has to be available to members of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Vytautas Bakas, chairman of the parliament’s Committee on National Security and Defence, said on Wednesday, commenting on the news that a military intelligence captain had committed suicide while on duty. […]

The meeting of the State Defence Council is just to begin

State Defence Council approves 2017 intelligence priorities

The Lithuanian State Defence Council on Monday approved the country’s intelligence needs and priorities for this year. […]