Lithuanian opposition leader proposes random checks to fight corruption in civil service

Vida Press

“(…) Such testing means that employees of the civil service can be tested at random and without them knowing it, in order to determine whether they give in to corruption. Results of such testing determine whether a person is dismissed from civil service or can climb up the career ladders,” Kubilius said on Monday at a press conference.

The leader of the opposition noted that draft projects to establish such testing system were put forward in 2009 by Remigijus Šimašius, former minister of justice. However, deliberations dragged on in the Seimas, although separate elements of the testing system were implemented by the Ministry of the Interior. Still, the new Government, according to Kubilius, has shown no initiative in this matter.


According to Kubilius, establishing such a system should be made a milestone of anti-corruption efforts. “This would enable us to avoid situations when nine deputy ministers have to be fired at once, it will also prevent systematic corruption and officials overstepping their powers. This way people would believe that only honest employees of impeccable reputation work in the civil service,” said Kubilius.

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