Lithuanian political parties got EUR 8.4m in funds in 2014

Labour Party congress

Compared to 2013, the amount received was up by EUR 1.1 million. Two thirds of the money came from the state budget, 9.2 percent were donated by the campaigns of private individuals and political parties got 7 percent of their funds from membership fees.

The number of members of political parties in Lithuania has been growing for the last five years, having increased to 115,400 people in 2014 from 104,100 in 2010.

As of March 1, 2014, the number of members of political parties had grown further, reaching 116,200.

There are 41 officially registered parties in Lithuania, but some of them are not operating and four are in the process of liquidation.

In terms of membership, the Labour Party comes in first with over 23,000 members, followed by the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania (over 22,000) and the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (around 15,000).

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