Lithuanian president congratulates Latvia on national day

According to the president, friendly relations between Lithuania and Latvia have been maintained for almost one hundred years now and we can be proud of the strong good-neighbourly bond connecting us, the special sisterly ties between our nations that are based on mutual support and understanding, the Baltic culture and common historical experience.

“Twenty five years ago, our citizens decisively assumed full responsibility for their future and later did not waver in their choice to pursue a European path of statehood and democracy. Symbolically, this year your country marks its important anniversary standing at the helm of the European Union in a difficult period for our region and Europe as a whole. Your successful presidency of the Council of the European Union proves that a generation of responsible and wise European citizens has emerged in Latvia over twenty five years,” Grybauskaitė wrote in her message of congratulations.

The president noted that Lithuania and Latvia shared common principles and values and should continue to protect them by consistently working together in the European Union and NATO to address the issues of topical importance for our region and to build a secure, united and prosperous European continent.

Grybauskaitė wished the Latvian president and the people of his country long years of well-being and prosperity.

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