Lithuanian warship to be tested for readiness in Belgium


The check will verify the readiness of the vessel and its crew for joining units with other NATO member-states, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said.

Furthermore, specialists of various fields will check the vessel’s technical condition along with theoretical and practical knowledge of the crew about the vessel, readiness for combat, communications procedures and ability to coordinate actions with other NATO partners.


The panel will assess Kuršis’ compliance to NATO standards for the vessel and its crew, as well as its readiness to take part in the NATO mine search and neutralization unit SNMCMG 1 with its partners.

SNMCMG1 is one of four multinational, high readiness maritime forces composed of vessels that are permanently available to NATO to perform different tasks ranging from participation in exercises to operational missions.


The unit operates in waters of Northern Europe, mainly the Nordic and the Baltic Seas where it performs mine-clearing operations at sea and attends other international drills of NATO countries and exercises with NATO partners.

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