Lithuanians, unlike Latvians or Poles, are not fighting in Syria

Islamic State

The information was announced after the Parliamentary National Security and Defence Committee meeting by its chairman Artūras Paulauskas on Wednesday.

Mr. Paulauskas said that “there is no evidence that Lithuanians serve for the Islamic State in Syria. But it is very important to share information. After the recent events [in Paris], intelligence agencies have become more active in exchanging information, but there is still some distrust. If information about people who are known to authorities in Belgium or France could be passed more efficiently, when they travel to another country, maybe it would be possible to prevent more terrorist attacks.“


Mr. Paulauskas added that the problem of the Islamic State supporters in Latvia and Poland is very serious. He said that “there are people serving for the Islamic State in Poland and Latvia. The numbers are not big, they cannot be compared to Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, but such people do exist. They are of various origins. There are some Chechens who have gone to Syria from Latvia, but they are Latvian citizens. There are dozens of Poles who have left Poland.”

Mr. Paulauskas said he would agree with the proposal by Interior Minister Saulius Skvernelis to have metal detectors installed in all concert halls, theatres, sports grounds and arenas.

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