Lithuania’s energy minister: NordBalt project unaffected by incident at sea

NordBalt kabelį tiesiantis laivas
Bendrovės archyvas

“Today’s incident where the ship guarding the route of NordBalt cable had to deviate from the course hasn’t done any harm to the NordBalt project,” Rokas Masiulis said in a press release.

In line with existing plans, the laying of the cable would be completed by the end of summer, he added.

“This incident didn’t do any harm in terms of time or in financial terms. However, it led to unnecessary tensions and we think that this is being done with certain intent since such incidents occur repeatedly,” Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius told BNS via his spokeswoman.

Litgrid, the Lithuanian power transmission system operator in charge of the project, said that Russia’s warships were not interfering with the laying of NordBalt. However, the company confirmed that this was the third time this year that the ship guarding the cable in the Baltic Sea had to deviate from its route by direction of Russia’s warships.

Some 350 of 410 kilometres of the submarine cable have already been laid.

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