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Electricity consumption highest in a quarter of a century

In 2016, the final electricity consumption in Lithuania totalled 10.47 kilowatt hours (or 10.47 terawatt hours, TWh). A record growth in the consumption was observed last year: residents, businesses, agriculture and transport used 4.5% more electricity compared to 2015. The growth rate in agriculture was as high as 8.4%, service sector 5.7%, residents 4.3%, and transport sector 4%. The lowest year-on-year growth rate (3.5%) was recorded in the industrial sector, Litgrid press office reported. […]


NordBalt interconnection relaunched after 11-day interruption

Electricity interconnection with Sweden, NordBalt, has been relaunched after repairs that took 11 days to complete. NordBalt disconnected on July 26. The initial tests showed that a discharge at the reactor hall has broken one […]


Lithuanian electricity prices slashed by increased competition

Lithuania’s electricity prices are falling fast with rising electricity producer competition in the Baltic region.

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Kruonis pumped storage power plant

Nordbalt fault sees emergency Kruonis reserve activated for second time in four days

Lithuania‘s Kruonis pumped storage power plant was activated again on Wednesday night to provide an emergency power supply when the electrical interconnection with Sweden, NordBalt, was disconnected, . The pumped storage plant maintained electricity supply […]