Lithuania’s industrialists to organise Annual Economic Forum

On an annual basis, the World Economic Forum‘s Global Competitiveness Index measures the level of competitiveness of more than 140 countries worldwide by looking at factors such as the quality of public and private institutions, transport and ICT infrastructure and education, market efficiencies (goods, labour, and financial) as well as a country’s capacity to innovate. Drawing upon over 15,000 business executives worldwide and data sources from international organisations, it remains one of the most comprehensive analysis of competitiveness and a tool for policymakers, business strategists, and other key stakeholders alike that wish to gain better understanding of the drivers and barriers to improved competitiveness within a country and at a global level.

The Forum in Vilnius will focus on the following questions: Which are the most competitive countries globally and which ones are lagging behind and why? Competitive Lithuania: what drives us up and what drags us down? What are the recipes for boosting Lithuanian competitiveness? Nordic and Baltic competitiveness: are there any possibilities for enhanced cooperation?

For the first time, participants of the Forum will have a unique opportunity to listen directly and discuss together with the World Economic Forum’s leaders, competitiveness experts and business, political and economic thought front-runners from Lithuania and top- scoring global competitiveness champions, such as Switzerland, Germany, US and other.

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