Lithuania’s Linkevičius has “no illusions” about Russia

Attending a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Turkey, Linkevičius said on Wednesday the existing situation in Ukraine was one of the dominant issues and “the Ukraine issue is strongly on the agenda”.

“We hope that Russia will at least start showing some signs of implementation, as it says, of the Minsk agreement, but I personally have no illusions. (…) Russia still claims that it’s not involved in the conflict. Russia still claims there’s no Russian army in the territory of Ukraine, despite many documented facts of the opposite,” Linkevičius told BNS in Antalya on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, we see no changes for the better. There are some statements, some assurances which had been made before. But we see no real improvement in the situation,” the Lithuanian foreign minister said.

The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany agreed on a truce in eastern Ukraine on 12 February in Minsk.

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