Lithuania’s OECD accession will require reforms

“This accession process can be an excellent catalyst for reforms in order to improve the competitiveness in Lithuania. And Lithuania is not doing the changes in legislation and moving towards the OECD instruments for that sake of making us happy. All those reforms will benefit the country,” she said after meeting with President Dalia Grybauskaitė.

The accession process will show what concrete reforms will be needed, but changes will most probably be required in the areas of state-owned enterprise governance and anti-corruption, Kiviniemi said.


“If I were to mention some areas where changes in legislation most probably will be needed, these are state-owned enterprises and also the OECD anti-bribery convention,” she said.

Renaldas Vaisbrodas, Grybauskaitė’s chief foreign policy advisor, also said that the OECD accession process was an opportunity for Lithuania to improve corporate governance and combat corruption.


Last July Lithuania was officially invited to open membership talks with the OECD.

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