Lithuania’s UN ambassador: Situation in Middle East had rarely been more dramatic

The worst humanitarian crisis ever is unfolding and human rights abuses are being committed. The situation is further compounded by the threat of radical extremism and terrorism spreading in the region.

The Lithuanian representative voiced her concern over the attacks by radical extremists on Christians and other ethnic and religious communities. The already unbearable situation is compounded by the spread of the so-called Islamic State or Dai’sh and their extreme savagery. Last year ISIS torched 11 churches and monasteries in the city of Mosul, destroyed the statues of poets, literary and historical figures, and dug up the grave of prophet Jonah.

As regards the situation in Syria, the Lithuanian ambassador underlined that it was crucial to investigate all credible reports about repeated chlorine attacks against civilian population and to bring the perpetrators to account for these violations. A referral of the situation in Syria to the ICC should be considered.

Ambassador Murmokaitė drew attention to the fact that Yemen, which was hailed as a success story a year ago, was now embroiled in a full-scale armed conflict. The Lithuanian representative welcomed adoption of the UN Security Council resolution the previous week, which would help stabilize the situation in the country, and called for resuming and accelerating inclusive United Nations-brokered negotiations to bring Yemen back on track to peaceful transition.

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