LRT chief: Lithuania’s national television must be alternative to mass production

Audrius Siaurusevičius
DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

“The most important task for LRT was and still is to be an alternative to mass production and keep its viewers. So these two very different goals make us think of ways to survive without becoming “cheap”. We manage this by using all LRT channels. For example, a satellite TV channel LRT Lituanica some 20 years ago looked like a miracle, while today we receive feedback from our viewers all over the world where Lithuanians reside,” he said.

“One of the less visible aspects of our work is recording current cultural processes. Mobile LRT television stations are located in Lithuania’s main concert halls, we make many quality recordings of theatre and opera performances not only in Vilnius, but in other cities as well. Everything is stored in publicly accessible LRT archives. This work is less visible, yet it is of utmost importance and its significance in the future will only grow.

“However, as polls reveal, what we are appreciated for most of all is our reliability and objectivity,” said the LRT chief.

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