Metropolis Language Services – Full Speed Ahead With The Wind of Change

Metropolis' Team

Metropolio Vertimai UAB, which has been operating on the language services market for 21 years, is expanding its range of services and is undergoing a complete revamp, from a large team of translators and interpreting professionals right down to a new logo.

According to the Director of Metropolio Vertimai UAB Vaida Mastauskienė, “the pandemic did not suspend the company’s activities, it rather gave us a chance to strengthen and concentrate our forces and grow a team of strong language services professionals, primarily translators and interpreters. Now that we have celebrated the company’s 21st birthday, we remember our humble beginnings, with a smile. More than two decades ago, Metropolio Vertimai UAB started with just two employees. Since then, we have come a long way, full of challenges and constant improvement. Now we can state with reassurance that we are strong professionals in our field, having mastered not only effective working tools but also the technologies that allow us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We are proud of the fact that we keep abreast with not only the changing modern world but also with the relevant trends, offering our customers unique solutions. One of these solutions is a prototype of an RSI hub, i. e. the workspaces adapted to remote simultaneous interpreting, which our clients and professional conference interpreters are delighted to make use of. We plan to further modernise them in the future to comply with the requirements set for remote simultaneous interpreting hubs.”

Metropolis’ Team in action

Recently, Metropolio Vertimai UAB decided to renew its logo, which has symbolised the circle as a transformation from language to language and is well known on the Lithuanian market. The growing number of our customers worldwide has prompted us to change our image to reflect our international and global identity and competitiveness in the field of language services. The objective of this exercise was to convey, clearly and understandably, the company’s values which are closely linked to quality assistance in helping to understand each other and overcoming language barriers in any part of the world. It is, therefore, no coincidence that the company’s motto is “More than Words”.

“Our customers’ excellent reviews and high expectations in respect of ourselves allow us to offer a wide range of services, including professional translation and interpretation, rental of interpretation equipment, and the workspaces adapted to remote simultaneous interpretation, i.e. a full package of services necessary to respond to the need not only to translate/interpret the words, but also to convey the meaning; this makes it easy to communicate, collaborate, and to witness the world’s most important events,” as per the managers of Metropolio Vertimai UAB Vaida Mastauskienė and Monika Matulevičiūtė.

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