More than half Lithuanians support reintroduction of conscription

Baziniai kariniai mokymai
I.Budzeikaitės nuotr.

According to the survey, 51.9 percent of those polled are in support of the conscription system in Lithuania, while 27.9 percent do not approve of it and 20.2 percent are undecided or refused to answer the question.

Among those in support are mainly men and respondents above the age of 35.


Those who stated support for the reintroduction of the conscription system were asked whether they would agree to send their children and grandchildren to the army, and more than 80 percent of them said they would (mainly male respondents with higher education).


The request to specify the type of army Lithuania should have split the respondents: 38 percent said the country would do best with a mixed army including a larger portion of conscripts and a smaller share of professionals, while another 37.3 percent were in support of a fully professional army. Merely 12.4 said Lithuania should have an army made up of only conscripts.


The poll of 1,007 respondents was carried out by public opinion and market research company Spinter Tyrimai (Spinter Surveys) on 17–25 April.

Amid the changes to the geopolitical situation, the parliament reintroduced the conscription system in March.

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