Most powerful Lithuania’s weapon is people’s resolve to protect their land, freedom – Grybauskaitė

a conference Civil Defence in Hybrid Warfare held by the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“We must talk about active unarmed participation by the public in the country’s defence. There are various ways everyone can contribute: from immunity to propaganda and enhancement of cyberspace to arranging transport and supplies. Our solidarity and readiness to repel aggression is the most effective deterrent. It is a message to any aggressor that this is our home and we will protect it,” the president said.

The president noted that in the war in Ukraine, as in any other war, people are dying and lives fall apart. This war is distinct from others as it is being covered, negated and disguised by propaganda. Such war is chosen by those who are afraid to raise their flag in the battlefield, who are ashamed to take off their masks and who have no arguments to justify their intentions.

“We know how to respond to this – by solidarity, speed and transparency. Several months ago in Wales, we agreed together with NATO allies to establish a Very High Readiness Joint Task Force.

This way we will be able to ensure high readiness, fast decisions and short response times. Besides, on our own account we have formed Lithuanian rapid response force that is already operational since 1 November.

We must retain similar high readiness in our “soft security” arsenal, defending from information attacks, cyber attacks, diplomatic provocations or destructive underground activities. We must identify, disclose and neutralise any hostile initiative in its very beginning,” emphasised President Grybauskaitė.

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