MP indignant about food prices in Lithuania higher than in Germany

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

According to Masiulis, of the conservative Homeland Union, the Belarusian news service last week reported that prices of many food products in the retail chain Rimi in Lithuania were higher than those of similar food products sold in Aldi in Germany and Evroopt in Belarus.

“When it comes to Belarus, it is possible that the information was meant to mislead their consumers; however, Lithuanians who reside in Germany or often travel there confirm that prices in Germany’s retail chains are lower than in Lithuania. As Lithuania has just adopted the euro, it is a great opportunity for the state institutions to analyse the market situation and check whether retailers and suppliers have made prohibited agreements to artificially keep the prices high,” MP Masiulis said.

Lithuania’s trade policy is shaped and implemented by the Economy Ministry, while the competitive environment is monitored by the Competition Council.

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