No clear statistics on number of cases and form of violence against children

“There are various databases and due to this the information is sometimes not assembled in one location. Thus, when forming quality policies, we cannot operate based on full data, which would represent a detailed, clear and full view,” Dovilė Šakalienė, the head of the commission told LRT Television.

“We need to analyse, so that the number of children (impacted by violence) would not be artificially inflated, so that in different databases and systems the same case, of violence or of harmed children, would not be counted several times. Perhaps we forgot something, missed something, we need to discuss with colleagues, how to present this important information to our users,” deputy general director of Statistics Lithuania stated.

A cross-institutional meeting will be held on compiling statistics regarding violence against children. It will feature a discussion or whether further authorisation from Seimas will be needed to make such compilations or if existing regulations will suffice.

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